• PB060
    Plastic Box(Pair)
  • PP591
    Shock Mount
  • AT011
    Storage Tube
  • M215 Package
  • LC131AK
    Microdot to TA3F,connect to AKG device
  • LC241SH
    Microdot to TA4F,connect to SHURE device
  • LC031SE
    Microdot to Minijack with thread,connect to Sennheiser device
  • Microdot Connector
    Standard Connector for L-Series
  • PI50
    Adaptor,Microdot to large XLR 48V phantom power 
  • LC441MW
    Microdot to iPhone or other mobile device
  • LC032SE
    Microdot to 3-pin Lemo (Sennheiser)
  • CL028
    Crocodile clip
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