MicW in the PALM 2012 show

Beijing, May 24, 2012: PALM EXPO is China's largest and most established technology event for the entertainment, pro audio and light, music, trussing and staging, installation and AV industry. It is also amongst the world's top 2 largest event of it kind complete with an exhibition, conference, seminars and workshops. It has also become a major international platform for industry players to network, exchange ideas and increase their market share. The show attracted more than 1,200 domestic and overseas exhibitors, including MicW.

The i436 attracted much attention of the audiences once again. It is outstanding for its unique mini size of appearance, the stainless steel metal texture. The power source is from the mobile, plug and play. Many professional audiences were amazed about the powerful measurement functions of i436. The i436 is a calibrated measurement microphone complying with the IEC 61672 Class 2 sound level meter standard, the sensitivity and frequency response of each microphone is individually calibrated at the factory. You can just plug it in the iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices, then it will achieve the appropriate fft octave real-time analysis and some other measurement functions though the apps on your devices, such as sound level meter, sound pressure level software and so on(you can download the software in the appstore or the android market),which turned your iPhone and iPad into a SPL or a RTA. The i436 is also a quality recording microphone that can be used for conference recordings, environmental recordings and other occasions.

During the show, MicW invited a beautiful violinist for the audio demo, which was picked up with the MicW's i855 lavalier microphone. We put the i855 in the violin by using a small sticker and use some cables to connect the i855 with the iPad and the audio. The sound is extraordinarily elegant, which attracted a large group of audience. Everyone was highly complementary about the recording quality of i855 for its excellent performance in recording instruments. Besides, the i855 is also an excellent choice for convenient interview recording, HD video productions, ENG, and more. i855 is a cardioid lavalier microphone, can be stuck in the instrument to pick up the sound of the instrument. When you want to record the human voice, you just need to wear it on your clothes with a clip. Its background noise is very low, and the frequency range is from 100Hz to 10kHz. Another lavalier microphone of i-Series is i825, it is an omnidirectional microphone which are recommended for on air productions, forum discussions, and durable enough for ENG use. The minimal size of these microphones makes them perfectly suitable for Television and Video productions.

The i-Series microphones are designed especially for iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, but can also be used in other mobile devices. The i-Series line offers outstanding performance for audio measurement, recording, and broadcast use. If you are a Midi fan, the i-Series microphone will be your best choice to provide the excellent sound.

MicW has exhibited six models of i-Series microphones : i436, the omnidirectional measurement microphone; i456, the cardioid recording microphone; i266, the high sensitivity cardioid recording microphone; i825, the omnidirectional lavalier microphone; i855, the cardioid lavalier microphone and iShotgun, the super cardioid shotgun microphone, which will be release soon. The professional-Series microphones were also on display, including the T-Series, N-Series, E-Series, L-Series, M-Series.

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