What is the MicW i3DMic
MicW i3DMicTM is outfitted with binaural microphones. Often, binaural recordings are made using a dummy head, which is a model of a human head with microphones embedded in the ear area. Dummy heads are quite expensive (> €4000) , which puts binaural recordings out of reach for most recordists and amateur sound people.

MicW i3DMicTM binaural mics are a type of omnidirectional electret condenser microphones mounted on the outside of the earphones. By simply wearing the mics as normal a headphone, you can make binaural recordings just as you would with a dummy head. The MicW i3DMicTM is reasonably priced and compact, and can also be used as high-quality earphones so you can listen to the binaural recordings you've made on the spot.

Connect the i3DMicTM  to any digital field recorder, or your GoPro, Dsrl or video cameras (must have an external stereo mic input delivering 2.2Volt) to make real 3D recordings. Since sound and sight create a synergistic effect, combining video with binaural sound creates an amazing sense of presence.

Binaural is also known as the "two ear effect" and is very interesting in that audio recorded in this way gives listeners a 3D audio experience. 3D video and film is increasingly becoming popular, only 3D audio was less practical and too expensive to record for most audio enthusiasts.  

Binaural recordings are made using mics that are positioned near a person's eardrums, and they are played back on headphones. This creates audio with a sense of presence, making the listener feel as if he or she is actually in the middle of the location where the recording was made. Most intriguing is the additional height information, this is probably the most exciting awareness on the 3D experience.

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