N241 Reference
The N241 is a reference microphone that uses 1/2" all-metal capsule. It is carefully engineered to give long term reliability and accuracy. The N241 has a linear frequency response up to 40k Hz which is achieved by a superior acoustical and mechanical design. The N241 can handle the extreme sound level up to 140 dB. You can close-mike drums, percussion and brass or other powerful sound sources with total accuracy for a clean, undistorted dynamic sound. The N241 is designed according to IEC 61094 standard dimensions. It can be calibrated by using the BSWA CA 114 Sound Level Calibrator.
Standard accessories
  • PP190
    Shock Mount
  • WS052
    Wind Screen
  • PB050
    Plastic Box
Optional accessories
  • PP080
    Shock Mount
  • WS092
  • GD012
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